Man And Van Services Vs. Van Hire

Man And Van Services Vs. Van Hire

We often get a lot of people calling up requiring van hire and instead we provide them with a man and van , so the main question is why our man and van services better than van hire?

Many people easily under estimate the amount of time it takes in loading and unloading and van. More importantly some people are unsure how to load and unload the van safely to ensure nothing gets damaged! All our drivers have years of experience in the industry so they can safely load and unload the van, also all of our drivers carry correct equipment such as straps, trolleys and blankets protect everything in the move as well. 

There are many other costs associated with van hire such as fuel, driving around London in stop and start traffic can be thirsty work for a van! With van plus although we charge for mileage due to our extensive knowledge of London we know the most efficient routes we also have the most up to date equipment to ensure we don’t get stuck in traffic! Time is also another cost, with van hire you usually have to hire for a minimum of a whole day and it usually takes a whole day to complete the task! Van Plus usually get a job done within 2 hours. This is completely dependent on the job type but this is on average.

Van hireIn summary we can safely move of all of your goods and ensure nothing gets broken. We can also save you a lot of time and money due to our extensive knowledge about moving goods!  Feel free to comment with you views!

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