Moving abroad for the first time?

Are you moving abroad for the first time?

Moving abroad is a bid deal especially if it’s for the first time. Maybe your moving to Paris from London or maybe your moving to Spain, hopefully this article should help you get a feel for what you might need to do!

Once the sale of the property has gone through or once you have your moving date confirmed you should work to this date. This date is now the important date in the whole world! You should first create a list of everything you are wanting to move, believe me this can take a while but is very important as it mean’s you hopefully won’t loose anything when moving abroad.

Secondly you need to consider how you are going to pack your belongings. I would suggest you get some boxes which are double wall these are perfect for long distance journeys and can easily be used many more times. These boxes can be purchased from or you can use a local supplier to you. A standard removal size box is 457 x 457 x 305mm and they should cost around £4.00. These boxes are pretty strong too so you can pack a lot of stuff!

So now you have should have started the packing process the next point to think about is how are you going to transport your goods , maybe by car or maybe you are going to get a professional company to help our. Either way you will need to book ferry tickets,  you should allow plenty of time then you can usually get a decent price. I would recommend going with P and O ferries they usually have good prices. Just make sure you correctly enter the vehicle information e.g size and height.  Usually if you go with a removal or man and van company they will book the tickets for you and hold onto them until the day. 

So now it’s the day before the move, I wold go through every room and just double check everything is packed! I would also suggest packing a small pack lunch for the journey, a typical move from Paris to London will take around 10 -12 hours, so a pack lunch should definitely be on the agenda! 

Now it’s judgement day, its the day of the move! Everything should be packed neatly and tied up to ensure no damage occurs during the move. If you have professionals carrying out the job you should let them do all of the packing. If you have questions feel free to comment on the below or if you want some more information about Van Plus’s international service click here.

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