Moving From London To Zurich

Moving From London To Zurich

Are you moving from London to Switzerland? or moving back to the UK from Switzerland? If so here’s a guide we give to our customers to help them in the transition of moving to Switzerland.

1. Before moving you should research about Switzerland , they have different laws , different culture and a different way of life! You should start by visiting a library or researching on the internet about the swiss way of life!

2. Obtaining a visa or a work permit. Switzerland is very strict when it comes to staying longer than three months, are you moving here for life or for a career break or perhaps you are marrying someone. If you need to apply for residency click here.

3. You will need to get health insurance with a Swiss health insurance company no later than 3 months after arriving.

4. Sort somewhere to live! This is the most important thing. It’s very hard sometimes to find somewhere to live but getting a work permit does help this.

5. Convert your currency into Swiss Francs!

6. How to get from London to Zurich ? Plane , Train or …  Van?! Here at Van Plus we have experience in removals from Zurich to London and London to Zurich. We can help transport your house or just a few items. You can even travel with driver for free of charge to save money on travel.

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