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Question’s / Knowledgebase.

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Q. Which areas we do pick up from?

A. We can pick up from anywhere in the UK and even Europe as long as a job starts or finishes within 30 miles of greater london.

Q. Do you employ the drivers?

A. Van Plus are a broker of man and van services meaning we supply you with the best drivers in the industry but they are not directly employed by Van Plus. All bookings go through Van Plus and all drivers are Van Plus certified meaning they have all received training.

Q. Do I need to pre-book?

A. Ideally you need to pre book and give a day’s notice or more, however same day bookings are welcome. We usually allow up to two hours notice for same day bookings, most of the time driver’s are earlier than two hours.

Q. When does my time start? Say if for example if a driver is running late what happens?

A. Firstly, your time starts when the driver turns up. Secondly if for some reason the driver is running slightly late to traffic or a previous job has overrun, we will always notify you in advance!

Q. Can me and one other person travel for free?

A. Yes if you only request one person to driver then two people can ride with the driver free of charge.

Q. Can I put a booking on hold?

A. Yes you can put a booking on hold please provide at least 24 hours notice prior to the job.

Q. How do you book us?

Simply put we cover just about everywhere in the uk and ireland, Its best to give us a call a discuss your pickup point. The reason we can offer this is because vans have wheels and can move, this means that with enough notice we can do a job anywhere!

Q. Can I alter a booking?

A. Yes, if you want to alter a booking this can be done over the phone if you call us on: 0203 5884 901 or if you send an email to Please bare in mind if you are sending over a email, please make reference to the name of the booking, date and the starting postcode.

Q. What happens if a job overruns?

A. If a job overruns you will be charged per half an hour. This is simply half of the service level hourly rate. So for example if you select driving loading at £17 per hour, then you will pay £8.50 per extra half an hour.

Q. How much time do I get?

A. All jobs are booked at a minimum of two hours, this usually allows plenty of time for loading and unloading. If you request more than two hours please state when booking, and if the journey involves a lot of mileage then we will suggest the amount of time you should choose.

Q. How can I book a van?

A. Booking is easy you have many options. You can book a job by calling our friendly staff, or you send us an email, talk to us using our web-chat or you can use our online booker!

Q. How big is a long wheel transit van?

A. Our standard long wheelbase transit van is 3.7m long by 1.7m wide and 1.7 tall. Usually a long wheelbase transit van can fit around 3-4 rooms worth of belongings. A long wheelbase transit van is ideal for flat moves or other small moves.

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