Wait.. we have a shop? Yes Sir we sure do. Anything you need to move; boxes, tape, bubble wrap, creates, tools and more.
Here at Van Plus we can provide additional items to help you out when moving, below are the list of items we offer:

All boxes are double wall cartoons. Double Wall boxes offer extra protection for items which may be of a more fragile nature. They are perfect for removal or export purposes and are available in a wide range of sizes. We can also produce these to your own size.

252 x 252 x 252mm £2.50
355 x 252 x 318mm £3.00
457 x 457 x 305mm £4.00

610 x 457 x 457mm £5.00

All boxes can be rented for the length of a move for a 25% discount on the price.

If you place an order please call the number below:
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