Why you should move to Clapham

Moving To Clapham

Why I think you should hurry up and move to Clapham! Clapham is now the place to be and it’s definitely attracting many more youngsters than it use to! I’ve spent the last year living here and wanting to give you a brief insight into the life of a ‘Claphamer.’ I do joke, there isn’t really anyone who refers to you as a ‘Claphamer’ … I hope.

The Clapham common is situated right in the middle of the town amongst the hustle of every day life. It’s one of the largest open spaces in all of London and is very popular with tennis courts, 3 ponds, bowling greens, a skate park, football pitchers and two play areas for families and children.

Food and Drink in Clapham

There are many places too eat and drink in the evenings,  one of my favourite places I would suggest going to would be the Hache. It’s a great Burger joint, they do a variety of different burgers and the prices aren’t too bad! click here to check out their website. Another place I would suggest would be the Abbeville Kitchen has a great menu choose!

Usually after eating I like to go to a few bars and there is a vast choose of bars in which you can go to. The loft is a fantastic place to have a drink, the atmosphere, the décor is all exquisite.


The night life in clapham is fairly good to, there are a few clubs which I would recommend such as Aquum and 635. Both clubs play a wide range of music and they have different nights on throughout the week to suit your music taste. There should be at least one or two nights you like! The prices are decent and the drinks are overly priced like many places in London!

I used a man and van company to help move me to Clapham I would definitely recommend using them!

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